General Overview

We thank you for your volunteer spirit and your desire to support our military, veterans and their beloved pets by registering to be a part of our Foster Home network in all 50 states. Our foster home program would not be possible without people like you who register as part of our network of potential foster home.

As a part of our Foster Home network, you freely and willingly offer to foster a Military Service Member’s or Veteran’s pet(s) in your home.  You do so with no right to, nor expectation of, any payment or compensation of any kind for the act of providing a safe, caring, long-term temporary home for the pet you have been matched with.

Applicants will be assessed for the needs of Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet and receipt of a completed application will be regarded as an expression of interest, not a commitment or acceptance to serve as a foster home caregiver.

Upon receipt of an application, your application is forwarded to the appropriate Foster Home Liaison who will review and contact you to discuss your interest.   Timing for a response about pet placement depends on your state and the level of activity in your state at the time your application is submitted.

Any personal information provided to our organization is not shared outside of Guardian Angels For Soldier’s Pet, its affiliated chapters, or sold to third parities for any reason, and is considered confidential information, and only shared with those within the organization who have a need to know, or as required by law as we follow the OPSEC (Operation Security) military guidelines in regards to confidentiality and sharing of information.

A special thanks to the Millan Foundation for a great Tip Sheet for Foster Homes!  You can download it here.

Requirements and Responsibilities

Below are the requirements and responsibilities of becoming a part of our foster home network.  Please review before submitting an application. Thank you again for considering to open your heart and home to a deployed military service member’s pet.


  • A pure love of animals and clear understanding of what is required to care for them.
  • An intrinsic need to help in some way, support our military, and fulfill your own passion for animals.
  • An understanding that the pet you love and care for will be reunited with its owner following a deployment or emergency hardship.
  • The ability to honor the owner’s wishes regarding the routine of the pet.
  • All family members residing in your home are united in providing this truly unselfish and voluntary act of supporting our heroes.

Monetary Compensation:

  • There is no monetary compensation for our Guardian Angels.
  • Costs related to pet care such as food and medical is normally covered by the owner and in some cases by Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet when funds are available.

Foster Term Lengths:

  • Foster terms average 3 months to 13 months.

Foster Home / Military Service Member Written Agreement:

  • Prior to or at the time of a pet being placed within your home, you and the pet owner are responsible to review and fill out completely the organization’s written agreement.
  • Once complete, each party (Foster Home and Military Service Member) must sign, retain a copy for their own records and provide a signed copy to the National Office.
  • This document has been prepared for the protection of all parties involved, including but not limited to: the foster home, military service member and Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet.
  • Sample Fostering Written Agreement (FWA) can be found here.

Potential Foster Home Submission

To enroll as a registered Foster Home with Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet, we ask that you complete this initial submission form to gauge your interest and level of comfort caring for a soldier’s pet.

Before filling out the foster home application, please consider the following statements in regards to this volunteer role.

  1. This is a volunteer role through Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet and I may neither request nor accept a stipend/payment from a military pet owner for opening my home to his/her pet.
  2. I may accept funds from the military pet owner associated with the pet related costs such as food, treats, grooming, unless I choose to cover these expenses myself.
  3. Although Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet takes reasonable care to screen pets for foster care placement, it makes no guarantees nor predictions relating to any individual animal’s health, behavior, or actions upon placement in the foster home.  All pet information is the responsibility of the military pet owner and is provided to the foster home as submitted by the pet owner to Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet.
  4. I receive specific pet or pets at my own discretion and can decline to accept any pet for which Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet and the military pet owner has asked me to care for.
  5. Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet is not responsible for any property damage or personal injury suffered by me, members of my household (including my own animals, or any third parties during a foster placement), and I assume liability to provide adequate care to prevent such damage or injury.

All fields on the Foster Home Application must be answered for the Application to be accepted by the organization.

Any information you wish to provide, not specifically requested for, to be provided in the additional comments sections.

If selected to foster a pet through Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet, I will agree to the following:

  1. The pet(s) I have agreed to foster through Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet will be returned to the military service member at the end of the foster term on the agreed date.
  2. The pet(s) in my care through Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet are and will remain under the ownership of the military service member pet owner.
  3. The pet(s) in my care through Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet will be provided a caring, loving and safe home environment and I will contact the organization’s assigned coordinator with any questions or concerns I have regarding the pet, the pet owner, or the agreement.
  4. Fostered cat(s) are not to be permitted outdoors at any time – even if previously permitted outdoors by the owner.
  5. Fostered dog(s) will not be off leash at any time outside my home except while in a secured fenced in yard and will not be left unattended / unsupervised while in the fenced in yard while away from my home.
  6. I will provide timely and open communication to Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet assigned coordinator regarding the pet(s) I foster.


Submission will be forwarded to the appropriate state “Foster Coordination Liaison” volunteer who will contact you as quickly as they can to review and answer questions.

Note: All fields must be answered for the application to be accepted by Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet©. Receipt of a completed information document will be regarded as an expression of interest, not a commitment or acceptance to serve as a foster home.